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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

...about the upcoming release of Boundary Waters Search and Rescue: Beyond Belief. Yes, I'm really excited. It seems like forever ago (in reality a little over 15 months) I started down this path holding tightly to the hand of my Lord. I've gotten used to the middle of the night 'I gotta get up and write' prompts, I am grateful for the 'you gotta change this' conversations with my editors and beta readers, and I've even managed to learn to work through the 'okay, I'm sitting here, my hands are on the keyboard, but I have no idea what to write' kind of days. However, waiting for this first book to be birthed has been a challenge. My one piece of advice to all you newbie writers out there---don't have quadruple bypass surgery in the middle of your final edits if you can avoid it. Eat those green beans and exercise! (Okay, the commercial's over). BTW: My husband took the photo in Ely that is used for the front cover of Beyond Belief. The graphic artists at my publisher worked in the canoe and the cross---isn't it amazing? (this the first version, so they corrected scale a bit for the final)

So, what do I know about my book release? It will be this summer. (Hopefully within 6 weeks or so) I have to proof the printed versions of the book when I get them and okay them for broad release. Once that's done, the paperback and hardcover versions will be available through any bookseller who uses IngramSpark (most of them including Amazon, independents, and Barnes and Noble). I also have agreements in place with Drury Lane in Grand Marais, Minnesota, and Piragis Independent Bookstore in Ely, Minnesota, as well as several other independents 'up north' to stock my book(s). I will be working on more stockists when I have the book(s) in my hand. The eBook (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple) will be out in late July or August. I do intend to have an audiobook made, but that comes after the broad release, so stay tuned for updates on that. If you own a bookstore and are interested in stocking Boundary Waters Search and Rescue: Beyond Belief, please contact me via email. I have the ISBNs for each version of the book. I also would love to have this book in both church and municipal libraries, so please contact me via email if you are interested so we can talk. :-)

Retail price points on Boundary Waters Search and Rescue: Beyond Belief will be:

Paperback book (Print)-$16.95

Dust-jacketed hardcover book-$30.95


If you want a book signed, I am happy to do so, just let me know (also via email) how many, so we can decide on the best ordering process. If a book has to be shipped to me for a signature, and for the followers of this page only, I will absorb tracked shipping costs back to you. I will also be in touch with you as the content of the inscription.

What about book club orders or other orders of more than 5 books? Please contact me via email for bulk orders, because discounts are available.

I think that about does it for now. I have started planning the Boundary Waters Search and Rescue: Beyond Belief launch party, with goodies and prizes galore. Please pop on over the the website portion (Click on the Joy Harding banner above) and sign up for emails---no spam, I promise---so you don't miss a moment of the fun. If you know someone who loves this genre, please send them my way, because this is a wonderful, heartwarming story, not to be missed.

All my best,


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