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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow...

We spend so much of our lives living outside of the present and I'm finding myself doing that tonight, because tomorrow is big day for me. It is the day that I will sign my first publishing contract. With that signature, I move from writing down a path that will culminate with holding a finished book in my hands.

I didn't make it to this point by myself. So tonight, I want to share with everyone the dedication for Beyond Belief.


Boundary Waters Search & Rescue-Beyond Belief is dedicated to a remarkable group of people. To Dan, my husband, and to Wanda, my mom, thank you for being my first readers. Thank you, too, for your encouragement, for proofing my work, and for your comments. To DKBB, my amazing editor, thank you for your patience, your focus, your gentleness, and your time. Thank you, too, for comparing my writing to one of my favorite authors—generous praise that made my heart happy. To my beta readers, Christine Brings, Darcy Buch, Carol Kronholm, and Donna Liljegren, thank you for your faithfulness, for your time, for answering my sometimes-vague questions, for catching gaps, holes and contradictions in the plot line and for your kindness. Thank you, too, for growing fond of my characters, that means the world to me. I am beyond grateful!

Finally, a huge thank you to my readers. Enjoy!

(Just an aside, the photo in this post was taken several years ago up on the Gunflint Trail---one of the gateways to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Two of the people in the photo were the first readers of Beyond Belief, I am the third person in the photo. My mom, who is almost 90, still loves the north shore of Lake Superior and the north woods of Minnesota. She and Daddy (who is currently enjoying time at his Savior's side) gave me the deep love I have for this area. Dan, my husband, took that love and deepened it by sharing the BWCA from the seat of a canoe. He was and is an able and patient teacher. )

In gratitude,


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