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Stranger than fiction...

AKA be careful what you pray for. So, about 6 weeks back I was wondering if I'd rushed a character's recovery from chest surgery. You see I had a single bypass done 13 years or so back, so I based that character's experience on mine. I was admitted to the hospital, had surgery, and was home four days later. I was up in a chair the same day I had surgery. I remembered it as being painful, but still something I could handle. But when I was writing this character's experience, I was wondering if perhaps time's anesthetic had taken over. Just wondering, mind you.

Five weeks ago, I went into the hospital with some chest pain, expecting the usual angiogram and stent placement. I walked out of there a week plus later having had quadruple bypass surgery. I am just getting my feet back under me.

First of all, I'll say that my character's recovery is within normal bounds, especially for someone twelve years younger. My first bypass was much easier in two ways, first it was a single vessel, not four, and second, I was thirteen years younger. (about this character's age). So having gone back and having read what I wrote, I am pleased with the accuracy of the story.

Now onto other matters. I do plan to have a book launch within the next month or so. I was delayed in returning some edits to the typeset copy of Boundary Waters Search and Rescue: Beyond Belief, so now I'm looking at the end of March for a release date. I will start up some fun contests as soon as that date is verified. Before that I will share my cover art with you. It's pretty exciting seeing this all come together.

As for Boundary Waters Search and Rescue: Beyond Imagination (book 2), I am in the editing phase with my publisher. The book is finished, has been edited by my editor, been through the beta reading process, and now is with my publisher's editing department. I am focused first on the release of Beyond Belief, but am still hoping for an early summer release of Beyond Imagination. The third book in the series is coming along nicely and I am on track for Autumn 2021 release.

I wanted to check in, to say hi, and to let you know where my books are in the process. I so appreciate your words of concern and encouragement. Thank you. I will be back soon.



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