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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

NOW WHAT? Well, first I did the Snoopy dance. (Think hands waving in the air, jumping around like a durned fool). Boy did that feel good. Then we took pictures of me, taking the book out of the box, me holding the book, me getting all sniffley. (The spell check DOES NOT LIKE that word). I will share one of the better non-sniffley photos here.

Would you all believe that I started to cry again when I first found my book on Amazon? Yep. And today, when my book went from like 4000th in its category to 618th, well, yeah, I cried again. I mean, it's not the New York Times bestseller list, but still...Someone out there is buying my book. From Amazon. I mean they are spending their hard-earned shekels on something that I wrote. For some reason I am gobsmacked by that concept, although that was the idea from the beginning. God is just amazing. I hope that all those who have purchased the book find it worth the time they spent earning the money that they forked over.

Among other things, this series celebrates good marriages, so my other promo photo is this one:

Now I don't have model hands, but something about my wedding band just seemed right.

Just a bit more information about the book. Right now it is being produced in paperback and hard cover formats (it's coming in a digital version and an audio version; it just takes a while longer) It is available for order from


Barnes and Noble:

Christian Writers Bookstore:


From me if you want a signed copy. Drop me a note (see the HOME page of my website) and we will decide the best way for you to purchase it so you're not paying multiple shipping fees. If you have a larger order, as for a book club, please contact me, because we can talk about the cost per book when I order them for you. (This also applies if you want to gift a copy to your church or public library).

The books are priced at $16.95 for paperback and $30.95 for hard cover. The quality of the cover art, interior paper, the print, and the binding are very, very nice. I couldn't have been more pleased.

One more thing you should know. There are 2 fairly significant errors: a misspelled word and a repeated sentence, in the 300 or so pages of the book. A second file is being done to correct these errors. The digital version of the book will likely never have those errors, but those who order it in the next month or so will get a book with boo-boos. I will say this, it took both me and my husband, (not to mention being missed by my publisher's editors) several readings to find them. I am so sorry. If you want a print version without these boo-boos, it will be about a month. I am frustrated about them, but all I can do is fix it and not let it happen again.

Tomorrow the book launch celebration giveaways begin, so if you want to participate, please be certain you are a subscriber to this page (See the bottom of the 'HOME' page to sign up). I swear on my eyeballs I am not out to make a living selling your email address to the nefarious cyber sorts of the world. I hope to do a monthly newsletter and, of course, my subscribers willl find out all the new information about the next book in the Boundary Waters Search and Rescue series first. Before heard it here!

So please, come party with Jack, Liz, and me. (We'll leave out the bad guy).

Love to all,


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