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A Change of Seasons

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

"the leaves believe

such letting go is love

such love is faith

such faith is grace

such grace is god

i agree

with the leaves."

----Lucille Clifton

Can you imagine autumn in the north country of Minnesota? The photo appended to this post gives you an idea what Jack would see on lakes around his home. (Not within the BWCA itself---no cabins, at least not legal for occupancy cabins, are permitted within the borders of the Wilderness area). Although Jack's home isn't built on a lake, he might well have neighbors who would wake mornings in mid to late October to this kind of view. A calm, perfect morning, on a calm, clear lake, colors courtesy of the Master Artist glowing in the bright sunshine.

Perhaps this might help you understand why someone in their middle years would choose to live and work in such a remote area, an area known for extreme and changeable weather (as well as lower wages). Peaceful beauty is still the rule rather than the exception in this beautiful area.

One of the reasons I set this series of books in this area is because I want that peace and beauty to flow through my words and into my readers' spirits. This world is so challenging right now and watching the news brings anything but peace. Most of us live in towns or cities where we awake to the sound of traffic, sirens, televisions, and buzzing cell phones. Waking to the call of a migrating Canadian goose, or waves shooshing on the shore is generally outside of our experience. If you're fortunate enough to vacation in such a peaceful, quiet place, I hope you're able to internalize the beauty so it stays with you year around.

I"m curious, does this kind of solitude beckon to your soul? Can you understand why men like Jack and Dan and women like Liz and Beth would choose to live and work in such a place? Or does it seem unlikely? For my part, I look forward to moving back to such a place as soon as our life and finances permit semi-retirement. I can't imagine a better place to write, to enjoy life with the love of my life, and to breathe in the beauty of the changing seasons.

Just a quick update on the books. I am very close to finishing my publisher's editing process on Boundary Waters Search and Rescue: Beyond Belief (Book 1), and am still shooting for a late autumn release. I can't wait to see the typeset manuscript and the cover art! Boundary Waters Search and Rescue: Beyond Imagination (Book 2) is finished, has been vetted by my Beta readers and will go to my independent professional editor this week prior to being submitted to my publisher. I am planning on spring 2o21 release for Book 2. Boundary Search and Rescue-Book 3 (not yet subtitled) is about 1/3 done. I'm shooting for a Spring 2021 submission to my publisher and an autumn 2021 release.

I wish you a beautiful autumn and am hoping that you will find peace, beauty, health and joy as you walk through the next few months.

All best of God's blessings!


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